Batis ng Makiling Spring Resort, Laguna, PHILIPPINES

Woot! I’m going to Cyprus with my host fam! Hope it’s October soon. :) While waiting for another trip, let me share with you a nice spring resort in my hometown, the province of Laguna. Resorts are competing in Laguna, especially during the summer months, And thus, many are offering cheap admission yet with quality service. You can rent a full resort for 12 hours for as low as Php5000!

But if on a hot summer day, you just decided to freshen yourself up, dip in a pool with picturesque background, then, you may opt to pick a public resort. Entrance fee can be as low as Php50 per person, but there are additional fees for extra services/facilities like lifesavers, huts, etc. Last summer of 2012, my family and I decided to go to a public pool and have some bonding moment. And we found this nice resort in Calamba City offering not just ordinary pools but a hot spring area where the water comes from Mt. Makiling. Yay! Free publicity for Batis ng Makiling Spring Resort, :P

So here are some photos of the place:

                                                              The hot spring

 Additional information about the resort can be found here:

So yeah, I’m promoting my hometown.;) Great resorts for the family!

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  1. magknu po kya i2 kapg ni rent ng 36 hours?

  2. Pede Ko Po Ba Makuha # Niyo Para Makausap Po Namen Kayo About Sa Entrance Fee At Cottage ?

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